RUB8: ‘silent disco’ season finale, 1 April 2022

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Over the Northern winter fugitive radio has hosted an online club RUB. Running on the night of the new moon, RUB modulates the ‘linear’ institutional rhythms of the Gregorian calendar and the ‘cyclical’ rhythms of lunar phases, with the ‘abstract’ rhythms of experimental dance music. RUB was inaugurated soon after the Autumn Equinox (22 September 2021) and its season will close on 1 April 2021 with the new moon following the Spring Equinox (20 March 2022).

‘April Fools’ and a new month — uusi kuu in Finnish — piles on the synchronicity and RUB8 promises to be a special affair! Dispensing with the club’s ‘no body policy’, for the finale we will gather online and also physically at HIAP studios in Suomenlinna, Helsinki. But there is a twist, clubbers will still only be able to enter RUB via audio. So, if you come to the island, bring headphones along with your smartphones and facemasks to join RUB8 ‘silent disco’.

RUB’s finale begins at sunset with somnambulant sounds from ½ asleep (Paola Jalili & Kush Badhwar), before we ride a genre fluid rollercoaster with DJ folk flore (Aliisa Talja) and dj fim do caminho (Sumugan Sivanesan) shrugs off winter with raw and tasty cuts of funk carioca and brega. As usual clubbers can join RUB on SonoBus, a free and open source multi-user audio platform, or listen to the livestream at

RUB8 ‘silent disco’ season finale
19.00 – 22.00 EET

HIAP Studio Augustin, Suomenlinna
Building 34 on Suomenlinna Map [PDF]
Check the Spring ferry schedule here.

Online on SonoBus (public room ‘RUB’)
SonoBus is a free and open source multi-user audio streaming platform. Download here.

Streaming at