fugitive frequency podcast

fugitive radio: fugitive frequency broadcasts on the first Tuesday every month at 17.00 CET on CoLaboRadio, Freie Radios – Berlin Brandenburg: 88,4 MHz in Berlin, 90,7 MHz in Potsdam and streaming on https://fr-bb.org/ As of season 2, 2022 podcasts are available on Helsinki Open Waves and streaming on lumbung radio / Station of Commons. Aside from DJ mixes, fugitive frequency is also archived on Spotify.

SEASON 4 2024

episode 1: footwork fever

SEASON 3 2023
episode 12: The Image of Gaza

episode 10: post-apocalyptic partying with Juan, Selfies & Sandro, Radio Tropiezo

episode 9: Κρατήρας with Jitsa Kon

episode 8: “Risky Business” with Mariam Elnozahy

episode 7: bioluminescence mix

episode 6: “Four Cees and a Ka”, in conversation with Rosa de Graaf

episode 5: Where’s Charles?

episode 4: NightShift, “Creative Labour”

episode 3: “techno samba” launch Mixxx

episode 2: “speakeasy”

episode 1: “techno samba” live mix

SEASON 2 2022
episode 12: Radio Santos Dumont

episode 11: coletivo digital “make open source great again!”

episode 10: rádio em fuga, São Paulo

episode 9: “Story Of the Storyteller: Agus Nur Amal PMTOH”/ “Buy 1 Free 1”

episode 8: Dinacon@DreamSpace – Kishoth Navaretnarajah

episode 7: lumbung in the air

episode 6:“A Book Dream” Under The Leaf Art Book Fair, Helsinki 2022

episode 5:(sonic) postcards from Helsinki

episode 4: Alanis Obomsawin

episode 3: Double Troubles

episode 2: Missy & Thomas Moose #FinlandBallroomScene

episode 1: REWIND

SEASON 1 2021
episode 12: a vernacular power play with Aderemi Adegbite

episode 11: Finance For Future

episode 10: Vishnu’s the Issue

episode 9: Rhythmic Intelligence

episode 8: The H Word

episode 7: “La Cabaret”

episode 6: Voice (Is A Mix)

episode 5: Jammin’

episode 4: Corona Realism

episode 3: “trocar”

episode 2: Homing

episode 1: Born To Be Wireless