During the COVID lockdowns it seemed that everyone was making a podcast, but who was listening? fugitive radio asks what is it that we’re doing when we think we are making radio. What else might these technology-mediated sociabilities do?

fugitive radio was initiated by Sumugan Sivanesan to research migrant, queer and anticolonial issues and music in Helsinki and beyond, in collaboration with Pixelache Helsinki and generously supported by Kone Foundation (2020–2021). Since 2020, fugitive radio has sought to develop collectively realised modes of perfomative and participatory radio using free/libre and open source tools. So far these include: radiophonic picnics, audio fanzines, a karaoke therapy clinic and an online club, RUB and several one-of-a-kind events. Live broadcasts are often supported by {openradio} and πnode. The fugitive frequency podcast broadcasts on the first Tuesday of every month with CoLaboRadio on Freie Radios – Berlin Brandenburg and is available on Helsinki Open Waves. fugitive radio participated in documenta fifteen curated by ruangrupa, and it continues to participate in lumbung radio/Station of Commons.