fugitive frequency, season 4 episode 7: Subhas Nair, “The baton is in our hands.”

Subhas Nair, wearing a black COVID mask and tee shirt, both emblazoned with the URL: STATEVSUBHAS.COM

Subhas [Instagram] is a unique voice in Singapore, whose music and organising confronts issues such as capital punishment, the treatment of migrants workers, climate capitalism and racism while advocating for class solidarity. His activities have provoked the ire of authorities and our conversation took place as he awaits the outcome of a court case in which the State accused him of “promoting ill will between races and religions.” Subhas’ upcoming album is scheduled to drop when the verdict is announced.

If these issues concern you, take a look at the Migrant Worker Death Map, Singapore and consider supporting Migrant Mutual Aid Singapore.

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Music used in the episode is on the major platforms Spotify and Apple, in chronological order:
Malabar (2021)
Riot! / Dumbshit! (2018)
Bhasa (2021)
Long2befree (2021)
The Line (2020)
UTOPIA (feat. Migrants Band Singapore) (2021)
Blk101sunsetway (2018)
DMT (2021)
Time Of My Life (2021)
Some Nights (2021)

Our conversation was recorded 26 June 2024 while in residence at Singapore Art Museum, 1 April–29 June 2024.

Let Subhas take you on a tour of Singapore as he unpacks some of his music!